How to Scan and Send a Bill

Click on the Listing Detail for that shop where you got the Bill.

Click on the Scan Bill button on the bottom of the listing detail.

Camera will open and take photo of the bill.

Click Upload.

Wait for couple of minutes (or sometime hours) for the bill to get approve.

Once approved you will get the PicPoints as promised.

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How to check Shopping Offers

There are different ways PicPaisa users get Offer details.

Promotions Scrolling Images


To see the detail of the offer, you need to click on the image.


Additional Listing Offers

Any daily offers for a store will be available inside the listing.


The above image is showing 8 offers.


We notify our customers with a Push notification about any offers

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How to add review for a Listing

View any the Listing detail .

Click on Reviews (rating & Stars)

Enter your review.

If it is valid review, it will be approved quickly.

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How to Redeem the Cashback (PicPoint)

You can redeem the cashback in two ways

Redeem at store

When you go for shopping, from inside the shop click on Redeem now button for that shop listing detail.


Enter amount and share the generated code with the shop. You will get discount immediately.


Mobile Recharge

Enter your mobile number in Redeem -> Mobile Recharge


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How to Get Cashback

In any PicPaisa Partner Shop (Shops listed in the PicPaisa App), once you paid the bill.

Open PicPaisa App immediately.

Click on Scan Bill option.

Scan Bill Button

Camera will open, capture the bill. Click Upload.

The above features doesn’t need active internet connection. But Make sure to enable the internet within 24 hours to post the bill to us.

Any bill which are posted after 24 hours will not be accepted.


To get the bills approved quickly, scan the bill from inside the shop.

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